Beautiful Mind Quest

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Events | Posted: 28.05.2015
We all have some talents. We wander and look for the meaning, look for people who will recognize us and help us in the realization of our ideas. Join us! Help us identify the person whose talents are special, the person you believe in and the person that is: SPECIAL. The person that first crosses your mind, which is so different from other people, doesn’t deserve to dream alone. Don’t you agree? He/she probably watches quizzes and gives answers to competitors. Crosswords, puzzles, brain teasers and games are no longer challenge for this person, even though those were their hobbies in their younger days. In large companies, he/she is quiet, but when finally speaks, it blows everyone’s mind. Do you have your brother or sister in mind? Curiosity is his/her middle name. This person will try everything and anything, and if it doesn’t exist, he/she will make it because there’s no end to his/her imagination. Knowing him/her, you came to the conclusion that creative people like new and different things, regardless of the risk. Is this your friend? This person sees the world through different eyes. Their attitudes are sometimes too much for our society. Sometimes, he/she is hard to understand, but the reason for this is being far ahead of its time. He/she is just different from other people! It's your best friend, right? These are all descriptions of beautiful minds, and let’s be honest, these are just the right people we want to find. We are aware that many talents remained unrecognized because they didn’t get the chance, but what we offer is just that: THE CHANCE. We have a job for you: comment on the name and last name of the person you’ve recognized in our description, and send other contact information to our inbox. This person is too shy to apply on its own, so it is up to you, you’re the one that plays the key role. Names of 32 people you believe in with the largest number of likes on the original post on SPARK Facebook page will be contacted and invited for a surprise interview. What will your friend, your son, your sister do in NSoft, NHome, NManager, eCard, or 4Ants? It is simple, what he/she does the best. There’re many departments to choose between Human Resource, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, Legal Department, Finance and Administration, System Administration, Frontend and Backend Development, and Web and 3D Design. We will hire this person. The person - whose talents you believe in. The person - who examines and pushes limits.