Crowdfunding is the Future of Startup Financing

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Events | Posted: 24.05.2016
Our two-day event about crowdfunding is successfully finished, and the conclusion is that this form of financing is future for startups. This is why we organized a workshop, led by Ladislav Juric from Baggizmo, who shared his positive and negative experiences in this area. Startup team members were delighted by Ladislav’s advice and enthusiasm. The conference on the same subject followed, with speakers who have a lot of experience with the crowdfunding campaigns, platforms and the like. A variety of areas were covered, from campaigns for fashion accessories (Ladislav Juric - Baggizmo) over those for the breweries (Ana Teskera - Brlog Craft Beer) and charity organization (Maša Campara - RESTART), and most importantly, crowdfunding campaigns for startups (Kristina Laus - Brodoto). SPARK premises were full the whole time, which is a proof that speakers’ stories were really interesting and useful. Panel discussion on the topic A bank loan, investment or crowdfunding? led to the conclusion that the crowdfunding is a very good choice. The discussion participants were all conference speakers, joined by co-director of the Founder Institute in Serbia Tatjana Kalezić. If you’re unable to visit our conference, you can watch it here. See you next week at the European Maker Week - apply here for free. Special thanks go to our partners: Eronet, MarketMakers, Švicarska ambasada, Agencija REDAH, More Screens and Mlini Krešić.