Digital Marketing is the Present and Future of Advertising

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 29.06.2017
Writes: Edin Halilović, Lilium Digital Digital Marketing in Numbers Over the past year, companies have invested over $ 170 billion in online advertising. Investment projections for the current year amount to slightly over $ 191 billion (Source: Forester). In addition to the big investments in digital advertising, where Google and Facebook are the industry's leading players, it is interesting that the trend of increasing digital advertising investment is pretty stable, suggesting further growth in this way of promoting products and services. Reasons for such a practice can be found in the benefits of digital advertising in comparison with traditional promotion methods such as measurability of investment efficiency, excellent return on investment, the ability to communicate directly with customers, user base management, and so on. In addition, lower advertising costs compared to TV or other advertising, as well as great flexibility in terms of advertising budget, makes it much easier to promote smaller companies, which are in the largest number. When the BH market is concerned, we do not have high-quality data on digital advertising investments, but from business practice, we see a substantial increase in online advertising budget over traditional channels, primarily television, outdoor, radio, and print. Good news for local advertisers is that online traffic is still relatively inexpensive compared to developed markets due to low advertiser competition. Easier Appearance in Foreign Markets The most significant businesses in our country are mostly leaned on global companies and are focused on exports. The good news for domestic companies is that digital channels greatly facilitate the way for overseas customers, as they enable us to promote on precisely defined geo locations. A good example is the online promotion of the wood industry in Cologne, during the fair held there, which is one of the largest events of this kind in the world. In addition to established businesses, small entrepreneurs are in a position to offer their products and services online, through the implementation of e-commerce. Creatively-based products and services are particularly suitable for this type of promotion and sales. Possibilities for starting and improving business, especially in the international context, thanks to the technologies that are bigger than ever, the BiH economy needs and must take advantage of these opportunities.