Find Your SPARK Zenica – 3D Edition Powered by NSoft

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Events | Posted: 19.06.2019
After the first of four Find Your SPARK events this year, held in Banja Luka, we now announce the new one - Find Your SPARK Zenica - 3D Edition Powered by NSoft. The main organizer of the event, together with us, is ZeForge - the first developers’ community in Zenica. The venue is ZEDA, Zenica, where the event will be held on Saturday, 20 July from 11am to 4pm. Unlike Banja Luka, where everything was about robotics, the main thing in Zenica will be 3D modeling and printing. The concept is the same, so again we have three parts - a gadget show with all the latest tech gadgets, a 3D modeling and printing workshop, and finally a competition. You will be able to see and test robot, drones, electric vehicles, virtual games all day, but the emphasis will be on 3D technology. See the 3D printers and their products in person. 3D pens have only recently become popular, but technology has crossed all boundaries in recent years. The result is affordable, but a high-tech device that is small enough to hold it like a pencil, but is advanced to print while you move your hand. Workshop and competition participants will have two workshops lasting two hours a week before the event to get the best preparation for the competition. These workshops will be organized by ZEDA. During the Tech Challenge, as part of the event, the participants will be divided into several teams and will create a specific 3D model on the given topic. The prize is 3D Printing Drawing Printer Pen and a trip to Find Your SPARK Mostar in September. If you want to develop your 3D skills by creating amazing illustrations and animations, sign up by filling out a contact form by 12 July at the latest. (Applications for workshops and competitions are closed).  PROGRAM 11:00 - 16:00 Gadget Show: robots, electric vehicles, drones, 3D devices, and game consoles 11:00 - 12:00 Brain Gym: 3D modeling and printing workshop 12:15 - 15:00 Tech Challenge: 3D modeling and printing competition 15:30 - 16:00 Announcement of the winner and the end The main event partner is ZeForge, and sponsors are NSoft, SYNC, ZEDA, Grad Zenica, FMRPO, Bravo systems, Imtec, INPUT, Vitinka, and Rolograf. The event is free - everything you need to do to take part is filling out a short form. Next stop: Sarajevo. #FindYourSPARK #FYS2019 #FYSZenica