FPMOZ Students Created the First SPARK Video Game

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Events | Posted: 02.06.2016
The result of three days of intensive workshops and one full day of SPARK hackathon is the first 2D video game, whose main character is SPARKO. The students of the Faculty of Natural Science and Education from Mostar participated in the first SPARK hackathon - programming competition. Before the competition, we organized a three-day workshop at SPARK school, while our graphic designer prepared the necessary graphics. Their task was to develop a web game in 24 hours. This was followed by the presentation of the solutions in front of the jury and announcement of the winners:
  1. prize - Tomislav Kordić
  2. prize - Hrvoje Ljubić
  3. prize - Dinko Pehar
These prizes were worth of the effort: XBox One, summer practice at SPARK startups and FPMOZ promotional materials. Congratulations to young programmers for the excellent job! Check out the video recorded by the students of FPMOZ themselves.