How to Become a Better Speaker in Three Easy Steps

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 07.10.2015
Public performance is something you should get used to if you want your startup to succeed and attract investors. Pitching to investors and audience is an integral part of every startup conference, fair or other events. For example, our NHome team had their first pitching last week at the Idea Knockout 2015 in Zagreb and had seven minutes to “sell” their product to the jury. Of course, before this event, the team had to pass through the various preparations, and now we can share their advice with you:
  • You will not be comfortable.
Stage fright is real. Expect it and be prepared for it. Before the next big public appearance, explore the tactics that help you get calm. The worst that can happen is that your performance is terrible, but you can learn a lot from it.
  • Focus on results, not on the audience.
You should have a clear goal. Is it to inform, educate or persuade? Or motivate and inspire? And do not forget, you're doing this for the results and not to get a big applause from the audience.
  • Make a complete presentation.
Your presentation must be complete, clear and concise. Everything you mention must be supported by evidence. Always put yourself in the audience's shoes.  And finally, the more you practice your language skills, the better you’ll get and have more self-confidence.