Java Bootcamp – a New Workshop at SPARK

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Events | Posted: 01.08.2019
If you've ever heard about programming, then you've heard that Java is one of the leading programming languages. Reasons are many - from the simplicity of use over the similarity to C and C++ programming languages to object-oriented programming and security. Java is becoming more and more popular every year because of its impressive features. We’re completely aware of this at SPARK school, so we have decided to organize an accelerated summer workshop for future developers called Java Bootcamp: From Zero to Hero. Beginners’ workshop will be held from 16 September to 16 October 2019, and to take part, you do not need to have previous knowledge of programming, but you need to pass a logical reasoning test. It will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at SPARK premises in Mostar. In the fall, we will also organize an advanced Java workshop and the Tech Meetup on the same topic. More info on this soon. The workshop will be organized under the project "How to become wanted?" supported by the US Embassy in BiH. Do you want to learn a programming language used by all the largest IT companies in the world for building desktop apps and backend web systems? As the saying goes: “One who knows Java is not looking for a job!”. :) You can fill out the form by 20 August at the latest, and participation is, as always, free of charge. --
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