In the IT world, there is a need for special equipment and space used to develop and test new products. This need has been recognized working on the projects with the hardware components. Therefore, we decided to launch SPARK lab - a place where you can find and use open-source hardware, online library, 3D printers, Arduino kits, test tubes, microscopes and the like.

SPARK lab aims to build a team of experts who have strong research & development skills in the following areas: electrical engineering, mechanics, firmware and software. SPARK lab team will be able to fully manage project development of hardware solutions, which will be fully compatible with their software components. By investing in these young professionals, SPARK wants to give an example to the social and business community about the importance of vision and the role of knowledge in the fourth industrial revolution.

The first hardware lab in Mostar

Want to make your own robot or create a character of your girlfriend/boyfriend on a 3D printer? Have an interesting hobby, but you can't afford the equipment to test it? Do you know where you can get the right equipment in Mostar and test your skills?

At your disposal is a team of hardware professionals, and if you want to learn about robotics and programming, sign up for our workshops and events.


Take a look at projects that we currently work on in SPARK lab.


Our laboratory is equipped for five hardware projects, and it is the latest test and production equipment to make your prototype as similar as the final product.

SPARK lab is not just for our startups and companies, but it is open to all who need the right tools and resources to start and develop products based on scientific research. All hardware enthusiasts are welcome! :)
Working unit with computer
Arduino kits, soldering iron & hot air soldering station
3D printers & Multirotors
Multimeter & oscilloscope
Logic Analyzer & Bench Power Supply
Equipment for PCB prototyping