Eynio is a software company that develops innovative solutions for automation, surveillance and security of home, office or company. Its main products are Click, Vision and Shield.  

Click is a home automation solution for controlling and connecting various smart devices with one app, making it easier and simpler than ever to set up a smart home in that users can remotely control switches, lights, thermostats and more, with only their smartphone. In addition, Click enables users to save energy, boost efficiency, enjoy in comfort and have peace of mind at their own place.

Vision is a video system for surveillance – Eynio team relied on to cover drawbacks of existing systems on the market and to improve customer experience.  It displays cameras across any interface and let users have quick access to different locations and control over them no matter where they are.

Shield is third product, currently in development phase. It is an app specialized for alarms and security.

Due to the fast growth of IoT world and its rapidly changing environment, our goal is to make home automation and security, easy and most importantly accessible to every user across the globe.

A: Blajburških žrtava b.b. Mostar
T: +387 36 348 234
E: info@eynio.com

Number of Employees: 12