My First Robot for High Schools

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Projects | Posted: 20.10.2016
SPARK school wants to start teaching robotics in schools, and there are many reasons: children find robotics fun, it’s an effective way to introduce programming for students, robotics provides skills useful for future employment and is suitable for children with different abilities. That’s why we started the project My First Robot, where we aim to educate high school students in robotics and programming. Every school that takes part in the project will receive Arduino kit and SunFounder Robot Kit for permanent use. We are getting started with schools in Mostar, while in the future we plan to expand the scope of activities in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Great boost to our work and progress is certainly the visit of Mrs. Zorica Bruck, who is an expert consultant for an engineering group of subjects in primary and secondary schools. Ms. Bruck expressed satisfaction with SPARK school and promised to help with future projects.