My First Robot for Primary Schools

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Projects | Posted: 11.11.2016
Learning robotics, kids develop the love of science and engineering in a simple and interesting way, and it continues to grow with them. Fun robotics projects have a positive impact on creativity, teach kids to follow instructions, while finished robots give them a sense of achievement and self-esteem. SPARK school organized workshops on robotics already, but now for the first time, we will launch My first robot for primary school children. Thanks to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, we will donate mBot robots to two primary schools in Mostar. mBot is an entry-level robot adjusted for every child. Hopefully, kids will enjoy programming, and after they finish all the tasks and “give life” to their robot, they’ll have cool toy for learning. We plan to extend the scope of its activities to a much larger number of schools because we believe that every child can become a programmer. Follow our website to stay up to date with the latest information.