Neće on(a) niđe. – Successful Stories of Young People that Build BiH

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Events | Posted: 14.02.2019
In the time when more and more young people decide to live and work abroad, we will host the event with an interesting name - Neće on(a) niđe./(S)he's not going anywhere. - Successful Stories of Young People that Build BiH. The event will be held as motivating speeches/personal stories of four young and successful entrepreneurs from Mostar. The four will tell their life stories - how they become successful, what obstacles they come across, why they stayed in BiH and what they want to say to young people who are thinking of leaving. Here are the speakers: Nevena Pandža, a Master of Nutrition Science, is a co-founder of the Center for Healthy Habits. Through her "Nutricioniziraj se" movement, she shares scientifically-controlled information in a simple, practical and easy-to-use way. Senad Šantić is a young serial entrepreneur and current CEO of IT consulting company ZenDev. He holds a bachelor degree in software engineering and a master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Design. Sanjin Omerović is the founder of the Digiqal startup. He has won second place in the world Red Bull competition in Berlin with Unibot. Maja Miljević is the owner of Zdrava Logika, whose way from Banja Luka to Mostar begins with NSoft, and later with transfer to SPARK where she becomes the managing director. The event is organized by the Youth Union of Trade and Services. This section is not exclusively related to trade and service activities but aims to provide young people with additional informal education, motivate young people to stay in BiH, acquaint them with their rights in the future workplace, and the like. If all this sounds interesting to you, you can save your spot for free by filling out the short application form. See you at SPARK on Thursday, 21 Feb 2019 at 6 PM.