New Design and Project Management Workshops in SPARK School

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 01.09.2015
After successfully completing the first cycle of programming workshops, we decided to run the new workshop for future project managers and designers. In the project management workshop, participants will learn how to plan and coordinate the project. This workshop consists of four parts: Basics of IT Project Management, Agile Methods of Software Development, Corporate Web Project Management and Strategic Role of Product Management. Starting date of the workshop is 5 October  2015, at 4 PM and it will be held twice a week. Design workshops are divided into three parts: Graphic Design, Motion Design, and 3D Modeling. Students of graphic design will get to know the basics of graphic and web design. Motion design students will work with Adobe After Effects software, and the 3D modeling workshop will focus on video games. These workshops will also begin on October 5, 2015, as follows: graphic design at 2 PM, motion design at 1:30 PM, and 3D modeling at 8 AM. All of these will be held twice a week. Programming workshops have undergone minor changes and we decided to increase the duration of the workshop based on past experience. Applications for beginner’s, backend and frontend courses are open. Each course has its own continuous workshops. Registered participants should send an email to to confirm their participation. The workshop starts on 5 October 2015 and will take place after 4 PM. You can apply to all our workshops via our application form. As usual, all our workshops are free and are designed for ambitious people eager to learn.