NSofters – Vue.js Enthusiasts

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 06.06.2018
Vue.js is currently the second most popular JS framework on GitHub, and frontend developers in NSoft have been using, supporting and loving it for over a year. There are many reasons - from the ease of use, through large amounts of libraries, to the great developers' community. Why have we adopted this framework and why do we recommend it to other companies? For most of our developers, it was love at the first code snippet - Vue.js reminds them to older frameworks like AngularJS, it is similar to React with its flexibility, while users of both frameworks are easily accustomed to it. You can easily implement it to the existing projects, but also include new people to projects. Juniors become productive in just a few hours. But the most important thing - Vue.js is not a one-man show, but a community. Members of this community work hard on a number of improvements, such as Vuex for state management, Nuxt.js for server side rendering, or integration with NativeScript. Due to all the above and because of the use of open-source, NSoft now supports Vue.js projects through the Patreon platform. In this way, creators (as platform owners call developers and other creative people who create open-source projects, music, art and the like) get paid for their work. Open-source projects like Vue.js can be very useful for developers. You can get a lot by examining and using existing projects. Are there any Vue.js enthusiasts among our readers?