Project SPARKreators – Donation of 500 Robots to Primary Schools in BiH

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Projects | Posted: 25.01.2017
Today, it is very difficult to imagine any business career that doesn’t require a person who knows to code. We are in the age of gold rush for developers. Programming is everywhere. Is there are a reason for not starting with education at the youngest age? Programming is no longer just for people who have a computer science master degree - today, elementary school students can also learn how to code. Education has a very important role in every society. It is nothing but a reflection of the social system of a country.  How can we create a strong, highly-respected and well-known country in the world out of Bosnia and Herzegovina? The answer lies in strengthening the educational system and the improvement of informatics teaching through primary education. The association Hello World (SPARK school) as one of the oldest members of SPARK group, actively wants to contribute to the improvement of formal and non-formal education in the field of robotics, automation, and programming. Led by this idea, we decided to launch a project SPARKreators within which we will donate over 500 mBot robots for free to elementary schools and associations who in the description of its activities include working with children all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main goal of this project is that the children from the earliest age acquire knowledge in the so-called STEM occupations, which is the acronym of the words science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. By learning and playing at the same time, we want to motivate children to acquire knowledge in these occupations so they can have the opportunity to show it at the organized competitions within SPARKreators League. In cooperation with IRIM (Croatia) and EXIT center in Banja Luka, SPARKreators League wants to remove problems like the inability of students to learn how to code, wants to add robotics and automation in a permanent curriculum in schools and provide everything necessary for students to start coding interactive games, interesting applications, and dynamic animations. Thanks to a donation of the franchise Croatian Makers League by IRIM (established by Nenad and Rujana Bakić), we have all the necessary knowledge for implementation of such a major project. Equipment for the project is donated privately by SPARK’s founder. We estimate that the project will include at least 100 schools and that this project will contribute to reducing the gap between the education sector in BiH and developed countries. First of all, our desire is to give young people the most important tools for the future - self-awareness, critical thinking, technological literacy and modern approach to learning. Technical skills are a very valuable tool by which young people can develop their own entrepreneurial projects. We want to educate and inspire them to create new lines of code. Application to SPARKreators league is open through the application form. Rules and details about the league can be found on our website. Deadline is 8 February 2017 at 4 PM.
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