Promotion of Entrepreneurship with the Support of the Ministry of Economy of HNC

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 30.05.2019
SPARK was part of the Business Infrastructure Development project with the support of the Ministry of Economy of HNC, within which many activities for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship were implemented. The overall goal of this project is to give young people the opportunity to develop their new ideas through a new generation of SPARK startups and, at the end of the acceleration process, set up a new company to encourage the creation of new jobs in young and innovative companies. How did we do that? A new SPARK program was launched called SPARK academy, which has gathered 30 participants who take part in the quarterly education and Innovation Challenge, where they will develop IT innovation and develop their own ideas. Events Startup Europe Week and European Maker Week were organized with over 100 visitors who had the opportunity to hear the latest trends in education, innovation, employment, opportunities for startups and young people. In addition to general education through programs and events, we also sent two of our startups to international conferences - Imicron participated in PODIM in Maribor and Sophico at Startup Ole conference in Salamanca. Both startups presented their ideas, did some networking and got the chance to go out to foreign markets. SPARK also helped them with conference applications, pitching and travel logistics. The Pitching Innovations workshop was also organized, where 50 young people learned the skills of presenting and public performances and the structure of good presentations.
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