RoboMobo: Robotics for Teenagers

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Projects | Posted: 16.12.2015
How to inspire children and teenagers to engage in educational extracurricular activities of which they will benefit? The answer is robotics! That’s why SPARK school launched a project with an interesting name RoboMobo, with Raiffeisen Bank’s help. First we will donate robotics kits to selected secondary schools in Mostar, and then educate interested students on developing applications to control a robot using Arduino. Participants of this project will increase their practical knowledge in the field of robotics and programming, through actual results on the interactive Arduino platforms. They will learn to think technically, but in a creative and innovative way. And who knows, maybe RoboMobo will encourage them to become developers and get a job in one of the SPARK member companies.