Robotics Competition in Israel

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 11.03.2016
If you visited SPARK in the afternoon hours in the last few months, you could hear and see interesting things such as foreign languages (mostly English), drilling sounds, bunch of high school students holding (un)serious meetings, strange devices on wheels that can catapult a ball and the like. It was robotics team „Spirit of the United Neretva“ (SUN) made up of students of the United World College and other high schools from Mostar, preparing for international robotics competition FIRST. Last Sunday, a team of six students and three mentors from SPARK traveled to Tel Aviv (Israel) and stayed there for a whole week. The strange device is actually a robot that can perform complex tasks, such as crossing barriers and ejecting ball on target. The theme of the competition is Stronghold game, while robot’s task was to conquer the castle in the arena. Even though we didn't win the competition, the trip was very useful because we have gained a lot of experience and met a bunch of young people. Mentors from SPARK met with the management of the Israeli program of technology incubators and agreed to cooperate. Preparations for next year will begin as soon as the team lands from Israel!