SPARK in Four Years

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 12.07.2019
This year, we're all about number four! SPARK school is located in four cities, we organize four Find Your SPARK events, but most importantly - it’s our 4th birthday! Workshops, events, projects, startups - with this blog post we’d like to remember what happened at SPARK house at Blajburških žrtava b.b. in Mostar. SPARK isn’t an ordinary IT company. SPARK is THE place in Mostar where young people, students, tech enthusiasts, developers, and everyone thirsty for knowledge and experience gathered. For them, we’ve created an environment that encourages connectivity, productivity, and innovation. We achieve this through our six programs - SPARK school, SPARK academy, SPARK r&d, SPARK business, SPARK marketing, and SPARK project. Here are some interesting figures for each department. SPARK school As you can conclude by the name of this department, knowledge is power! Our mission is to provide IT education, and so far we’ve organized 512 workshops in programming, mobile applications, design, operating systems, project management, data analysis, technical support, and robotics. More than 100 different lecturers taught 3400 young people thirsty for knowledge. We didn’t want to leave out the children, so we organize robotics leagues SPARKreators and SPARKreatorice for them. Through these two projects we donated more than 1000 mBot educational robots to 363 elementary schools and we organized training for teachers in the field of robotics, automation, and programming. These two projects included 1392 students and 540 teachers. SPARK startup Let's move on to entrepreneurship. Aside from launching 40 startups through our startup program since 2015, four new companies have been launched. The latest and most successful program is the SPARK academy. The interest in this program was enormous, but we had to choose only 30 participants of 150 total applications. These went through 10 modules on various business and IT topics. Participants in the startup program were mentored by over 70 local and worldwide mentors, through workshops, events, and hackathons on various trending startup topics. Our startup and program members visited the conferences in the United States, Germany, Turkey, the UK, Iran, Spain, France, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Croatia. SPARK r&d What would an IT company be without software development? We have our r&d department that has been working on many interesting projects for our European partners in the last four years. We’re talking about 35 projects here. This department also stands out by the number of employees, because they grew from the smallest department when founded to 13 employees. SPARK business Every startup and firm need business support in terms of finance, legal, human resources and similar. That’s why we have our SPARK business department which supports nine companies on a daily basis and has partnerships with over 60 local and international organizations. In addition, we also provide internships for local and foreign students - in four years we have had over 35 interns in the field of law, IT, marketing and design. After all, an internship is the first step towards a successful career. SPARK marketing This department is responsible for presenting all of our achievements and stories to the public (we wrote this blog post). So far, we have changed four websites, organized and promoted over 85 events, and ran over 150 marketing campaigns. We are especially proud of our eleven developer and design meetups. We also launched a new show on YouTube called SPARK talks, where we have hosted over 15 young and successful people from BiH. A great deal of support in the promotion of SPARK is provided by over 30 media partners. SPARK project This team is least known to the public as we always promote the very projects themselves, but without them, most of the events and workshops we organize would not be possible. We believe that the names of projects will sound more familiar: Find Your SPARK, SPARKreators, SPARKreatorice, Arduino most, SPARK school of Informatics, 21st Century Education for 21st Century Career, Digital Cities, WeB4YES, My Gateway, Inspire&Innovate, My First Robot, and RoboMobo.  If you want to know how it all looks on the screen, check out the new corporate video at this link. You can also see our brochure on this link. We will try to be at least four times better in the next four years! ;)
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