SPARK Lab Officially Opened During the European Week Maker

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Events | Posted: 06.06.2016
SPARK team has recognized the need for special equipment and space that is used to develop and test new products. This applies in particular to the hardware startups. This is the reason we decided to launch a new program called SPARK lab, and it was formally presented during the European initiative called European Maker Week. The event consisted of two-day Arduino workshop, held by SPARK lab team leader, Renato Kristic, and exhibitions of previous projects from the first hardware lab in Mostar. Startup NHome presented their two hardware solutions for easy management of smart homes, NDrone shared their experiences from the time when they tried to build a multirotor hybrid, while Amplius team demonstrated the superpowers of their smart keychain. At the end of the event, Joshua Carpeggiani from the United World College told us about the robotics competition in Israel, which was supported by SPARK. We are pleased to have the opportunity to officially open our SPARK lab through movement that offers many opportunities for development, cooperation, and promotion in the whole of Europe.