SPARK Multirotor Challenge: the First Drone Race in BiH Successfully Held

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Events | Posted: 12.09.2016
The City of Mostar has officially become a place where the first drone race in BiH was successfully held! Although the weather forecast was announcing a light rain on Saturday (September 10th), the weather was perfect and SPARK Multirotor Challenge was held without any problems in a great atmosphere. There were 28 competitors from BiH, Croatia, and Serbia, and they fought for prizes worth 10,000 EUR in two categories - Bullseye Challenge (a competition in speed and precision of take-offs and landings) and FPV Racing (mini racer competition). Many interesting things happened - from excellent routes that flew so fast that we couldn't see them with our bare eyes, to drones that ended up in the trees. :) These are the winner of the first SPARK Multirotor Challenge: Bullseye Challenge
  1. Denis Meglić - Ironic (prize: DJI Inspire 1)
  2. Goran Krajnović - Zed (prize: DJI Phantom 4)
  3. Vatroslav Suvala - Suki (prize: DJI Phantom 3 Advanced)
FVP Racing
  1. Goran Krajnović - Zed (prize: 2.500 EUR)
  2. Hrvoje Klicper - Klic (prize: 1.500 EUR)
  3. Fran Kaić - Frankye (prize: 1.000 EUR)
Between the two competitions, in cooperation with Hrvatska pošta (Croatian Post), there was a demonstration of package delivery by Brza pošta (Express Post) using a drone and programmed route. This is a logical step because SPARK lab develops two projects related to drones - one team works on a software solution for monitoring using drones, while the other works on a cargo drone that could one day lift even a human. “With this event, we want to encourage innovation in the field of new technologies and bring a new sport in Mostar.”, said Andrea Čordaš, managing director of SPARK. Hrvatska pošta Mostar tries to follow the development trends in logistics, and has plans for the future development of express postal services using the latest technology achievements like "drone delivery". We are convinced that with this act we've planted a seed that will in the future bring new quality and speed for our most demanding users.”, said Mate Rupčić, chairman of the board of Hrvatska Pošta Mostar. Event organizers SPARK, Sync, DJI, and FPMOZ would like to thank all sponsors, volunteers and media sponsors without whose tremendous support and promotion we would not succeed. :)