SPARK School: Awarding of Certificates

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 18.08.2015
The campaign “Say Hello to Programming World” came to an end after more than a half year. We are extremely pleased with this whole educational cycle, and we especially want to brag with the fact that we hired as many as eight of our students (Ivan Filipović, Ivica Buntić, Ivan Pandžić, Marko Vučina, Teo Juričić, Sanja Boban, Zvonimir Bušić and Antonio Džidić). In fact, this is the main goal of SPARK school - to provide specific knowledge for the young people so they can easily get employment. When speaking about numbers, there were 454 registered participants and 61 programming workshops: Intro to Programming, Intro to Web Programming, Javascript 1, Javascript 2, Linux, Version Control, HTTP Protocol, MVC, DOM, jQuery, Tips & Tricks, Intro to AngularJS, Advanced AngularJS,, PHP, PHP and Databases, PHP MVC, PHP Web Service. The final project task was to create Chat app and this was a great chance for participants to apply their earned knowledge. Awarding of certificates ceremony was held today for all the participants who successfully went through all our workshops. The best participants were also engaged as mentors in our association Hello World. We also used this event to thank all our instructors from the NSoft company. Even though this campaign ended, we’re not stopping with our educational programs for the young people. From now on, other than development workshops, we’ll also hold the Project Management and Design workshops. Soon more information on our website.