SPARK school in Maglaj Starting in Autumn: Open Applications

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 18.07.2019
After Mostar and Zenica, it is time for SPARK school to expand to other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Maglaj is the chosen town, and starting in autumn, the future developers from Maglaj, Žepče, Zavidovići, Tešanj, Doboj, Gračanica, and Teslić will take part in beginners’ and advanced programming workshops.  A classroom within the "Edhem Mulabdić" Maglaj cultural center named IT Hub Maglaj by SPARK will be the main meeting point from now on. It will be equipped with computers, educational robots and everything else that local dev enthusiasts need to learn programming, teamwork, and get to know the latest technology from the world of software development. In the middle of September, the beginners’ programming workshop will begin, and it doesn’t require any prior programming knowledge. After we’ll organize an advanced programming workshop, We must emphasize that both workshops will fully follow the SPARK school curriculum. In addition to knowledge, the best and most active participants will get an interview in one of the largest IT companies in our country - NSoft. The initiative was started by the web developer Saša Stanić and supported by Maglaj municipality, the "Edhem Mulabdić" Maglaj cultural center, and NSoft company.  Did you know that Bosnian-Herzegovinian companies will need more than 15,000 programmers by next year? It’s an ideal time to sign up for free programming workshops at IT Hub Maglaj by SPARK. You can do this by filling in the short form at Scroll to the application form, then select web programming, beginners’ workshop, and town Maglaj! Stay tuned by liking IT Hub Maglaj by SPARK on Facebook and Instagram.