SPARK startup: We Chose the Best Startups for Our Fifth Generation

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 11.01.2018
We were looking for a fifth startup generation and found three new startups: Cabbage Games, Need and I, Mathematician. But the way to the SPARK startup program was not that simple. After they applied to “Don’t pack your suitcase, SPARK yourself!” competition, we invited them to the three-day intensive startup bootcamp (11.-13.12.2017). Chosen teams and individuals spent three days in SPARK listening to workshops and lectures by SPARK team and our three guests - Filip Stipančić and Miro Hegedić from Lean Startup Croatia, and Sara Usinger from the Takeoff Accelerator. The opportunity to work with these experts was provided by the Swiss EP. The teams were formed around the problems they solved using the Lean Startup Drill technique. The day off was on Thursday, so the teams had some time to work on their pitches for the Evaluation Board on Friday. The Evaluation Board was thrilled with these three startups: Cabbage Games Behind Cabbage Games lies an excellent team of five young people who want to run a game development studio. During the bootcamp, they have developed an excellent logical game that became so popular among our employees that we spent all paper in the office. :) NeeD Imagine watching a movie in your home/apartment and you suddenly feel the urge to eat something sweet, but you’re not really in the mood to go to the store? NeeD will be a web and mobile application that will solve this problem for you. The founder of the startup is also a member of the Mountain Rescue Service, so we assume that’s where the inspiration for the name came from. He graduated from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin, but he could find a job without any work experience, so he decides to launch his own startup. I, Mathematician As you can see from the name, I, Mathematician will solve problems for students who have difficulty in adopting mathematics. Through the game, of course. The founder has many years of experience as an innovative math professor. When he applied to SPARK, he didn’t have a team, but two members joined the team during the bootcamp. Startups have already started with their projects - six exciting months are ahead of them.
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startup-bootcamp-pitching (2)
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startup-bootcamp-pitching (4)