Success Stories from SPARK: Positive Results of Using VRET Product at the Phobius Polyclinic in Vienna

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 23.01.2018
They recently won a trip to Silicon Valley at BETAPITCH Global in Berlin, and now their product has shown extremely positive results in practice. We are talking about our startup VRET, which develops a software solution that improves medicine, using virtual-reality devices in psychological treatments. One of the first product users of VRET product is the Phobius Polyclinic in Vienna. They started using the product in October 2017 and since then, they treated over 60 patients. The percentage of successfully treated patients is between 80 and 90 percent. The product was used by three psychologists leading the Phobius Polyclinic, namely: - Johannes Lanzinger, M.Sc - Mag. Christian Dingemann - Mag. Patricia Zaccarini In addition to the positive impact on a large percentage of patients, they also gave positive criticism to the software itself and the timeliness of the VRET team that has proven the concept of custom made solution. Treating patients with VR therapy was approved by the Federal Ministry of Health of Austria. VRET and Polyclinics Phobius will certainly continue to cooperate further.