Take Part at SPARK Crowdfunding Conference

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Events | Posted: 05.05.2016
What is crowdfunding? As the name says - it’s the money from the crowd or a way of raising money for projects. It works in a way that a large number of people donate small amounts of money, which you invest in your project. In return, you give these people something, usually, it’s the finished product in that they have invested. Crowdfunding as a way of financing is very popular in today's startup world, and that is why we decided to organize a conference on the subject. The conference "Crowdfunding - from Zero to Funded" will be held on 20 May at the SPARK premises, starting at 5 p.m. This event is organized by SPARK business park, with support from MarketMakers organization. You can expect a number of interesting lectures - from tips for making good crowdfunding campaign to the experience of people who have already done these campaigns for their products. Lecturers are experts in this type of collecting money for projects, such as Kristina Lauš (Brodoto, Zagreb) and Ladislav Jurić (Baggizmo, Zagreb). Members of young companies who faced crowdfunding only once or twice will share their positive and negative experiences, for example, Ana Teskera, who launched micro-craft brewery together with her colleague Maja Šepetavec (Brlog Craft Beer, Zadar). Program: 16:45 Registration 17:00 Official Opening 17:05 Crowdfunding for Startups, Kristina Lauš (Brodoto, Zagreb) 17:35 Before, During and After Crowdfunding Campaign, Ladislav Jurić (Baggizmo, Zagreb) 18:05 Experiences from Crowdfunding Campaign for Craft Beer, Ana Teskera (Brlog Craft Beer, Zadar) 18:35 Crowdfunding for Non-profit Organizations, Maša Čampara (RESTART, Sarajevo) 19:05 Panel discussion on A bank loan, investment or crowdfunding? - Tatjana Kalezić, Kristina Lauš & Ana Teskera 19:45 Networking If you want to learn how to write a good pitch, what to do and what not to do during the crowdfunding campaign, sign up for the event at our website. Hurry up because the number of places is limited! Click here and watch the conference LIVE.