The Benefits of Working at SPARK

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 07.04.2016
We recently announced that we are looking for 100 new employees, but why would you want to work for us? We will try to describe and sum up all the benefits of working at SPARK in this text, but there are so many we even might forget something. :) We’ll start with the basics, with what each of us is interested the most and with the most frequently asked questions in job interviews (and there were a lot since last year, we were looking for 50 new employees) - wages, working hours and so on ... Every employee begins with starting salary, and in accordance with the merits and work, it increases by categories and bonuses. We are very proud of the flexibility of working hours - every employee has their own tasks, but he/she organizes when and how they will work. We tested this concept, and it turned out that our employees are much more productive. SPARKsters are always encouraged for the further development and learning. Depending on the workplace and needs, we send them to educational programs, conferences, and meetups, or organize in-house courses of English, German, Italian, Dutch, photography, design and the like. In this way, employees share knowledge with each other. There is also our library with professional literature, but a platform for learning with symbolic name NERD as well.  There’s indeed a special world at SPARK: open-space offices where employees continuously communicate and collaborate, the outstanding corporate culture where employees’ happiness is in the first place and the creativity and excellence as the primary value of the company. Also, various entertainment facilities are available: table tennis, football, billiards, PlayStation and Xbox, pinball, trampoline, hoverboard ... Although we’re thinking about throwing out the hoverboard because of every now and then someone loses their balance - at least it's fun to others who happen to find themselves there. :) For a good work we reward our employees not only with a certain amount in bank account, but also with a variety of team-building activities, including monthly visits to the cinema, theme parties, concerts, shows, stand-up comedy, walks in nature, conquering the surrounding mountain peaks, spa weekends, summer and winter vacations, barbecues and everything else that crosses our minds. A special joy brings the fact that employees voluntarily formed charity association NOKT - and they often organize various activities such as blood donation, aid collecting and similar. As you can see, SPARK is not just another company and just another job, so visit our website as soon as possible and see if you find yourself in one of the open competitions. Agency currently conducts research on the most desirable employer and one of our member companies NSoft is nominated. If we convinced you, you can vote here. :)