The First Drone Race in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: Events | Posted: 01.07.2016
Are you interested in drones? Do you want to participate in a race? Take part in the epic drone race this summer in Bosnia and Herzegovina - SPARK Multirotor Challenge. The event will be held on Saturday, 10.9.2016 at Campus in Rodoč (Mostar, BiH). The competition is divided into two categories - FPV Racing and Bullseye Challenge. What is it about? FPV Racing is a mini racer competition, and these are the minimum specifications that your multirotor should have to participate:
  • frame size (diagonally from the center of engine to the center of engine) must be in the range of 180 up to 280 mm
  • the maximum number of engines is 6
  • there is no limit for batteries or propellers
  • each driver must have FPV transmission on multirotor
Bullseye Challenge is a competition in speed and precision of take-offs and landings. To participate, your multirotor should meet the following requirements:
  • multirotor must have a minimum of three engines
  • frame size (diagonally from the center of engine to the center of engine) must be in the range of 350 up to 700 mm
  • each driver must have a video transmission on multirotor
The prize fund totals 20,000 KM: FPV‬ Racing: 1. place - 5.000 KM 2. place - 3.000 KM 3. place - 2.000 KM Bullseye Challenge: 1. place - DJI Inspire 1 2. place - DJI Phantom 4 3. place - DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Applications are open until 1.9.2016, and the number of competitors is limited to 50. Participation is open to persons over 12 years. Book your spot using the form. AGENDA 08:00 Competitors gathering 08:30 Technical preparation 09:00 Bullseye Challenge: competition 10:30 FPV Racing: qualification and semifinals 12:00 FPV Racing: finals 13:00 Winner announcement If you do not own drone, but you would like to participate in the competition, visit our partner company Sync and get a discount. SPARK Multirotor Challenge will be open to viewers, who will have a chance to fly DJI Phantom 4. Stay tuned for more information.