Visit by Expert: Evelina Lazauskaitė

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 09.02.2018
Our startups spent two days with Eveline Lazauskaitė, a sales, marketing and event organization specialist who currently works for Swisscontact worldwide. She came to SPARK under the Swiss EP program and held two workshops from her main expertise: B2B Sales for Startups and Marketing: How to Prepare Marketing Campaign for Product/Service Launch. There is never enough knowledge of these topics for our startups, who were very happy with Eveline's mentoring because she devoted herself to each startup, suggested an effective business strategy and pointed to the mistakes they have been making so far. Eveline worked at Accelerate Korea in South Korea, which is known for their startups’ international connectivity with other accelerators, such as our partner betahaus.
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