Your Questions about SPARK – Answered

Author: Nikolina Zeljko | Category: News | Posted: 21.05.2015
To give you a better picture of what exactly we at SPARK are doing, we have answered a couple of questions. These questions came from you, our potential SPARKsters. 1. Do startups have to pay for accommodation in SPARK, and if so, under which conditions? No, startups that are users of SPARK’s scholarship do not pay for accommodation, because the scholarship covers basic costs of the development phase, along with costs of different types of services that are needed for effective and time-friendly market approach. 2. Who are mentors in SPARK? Just like our training program, selection of mentors in SPARK will be tailored to the needs of our startups. We are oriented towards connecting startups with the whole community of key mentors and advisers, experts in various fields relevant to business growth. Startups and members of SPARK can always ask SPARK employees for an advice on business management, legal and accounting, marketing and human resources. 3. Will SPARK arrange specific training related to technology and business processes that are necessary for startups? SPARK offers intensive mentoring and training program to selected startups, and these will continuously be adapted to the needs of our startups. In addition to education closely related to the business of startups, we will also organize general workshops for improving soft skills, such as foreign languages, presentation skills and alike. 4. What exactly are scholarships in SPARK? Our main goal is to provide different possibilities for the realization of your potential. These possibilities include coverage of services and benefits that the selected candidates get through scholarships. The value of scholarships is from 20 000 to 200 000 KM. 5. In selecting process, which of the following two items is more important: a business idea or the knowledge and skills of company founder? We always like to say that idea is nothing without the team that will realize this idea. You can have the best idea in the world, but if you don’t have the team willing to work hard to turn this idea into reality, it will never become successful product or service. To answer this question, in the selection process, knowledge and ability of the company's founder will always get more points. Other criteria are innovation, market and human resources, in addition to the previous results.