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SPARK is an advanced technology platform dedicated to IT, business and digital professionals, startups, companies, and projects. Our programs are SPARK marketing, SPARK r&d, SPARK school, SPARK academy, SPARK business, and SPARK project.

SPARK will become known for its excellence and will lead to a digital acceleration in the Southeastern European region. SPARK team consists of 20 highly-educated experts in areas such as digital marketing, event management, software development & design, education & training, legal, finance, human resources, coworking, and project management. SPARK has developed a broad network of partnerships with leading corporate companies, such as Sportradar and NSoft.


Other than maximizing brand promotion, creating marketing campaigns, mapping out marketing strategies and developing new ways to communicate SPARK’s messages, SPARK marketing team also oversees and manages the expansive event strategy.

SPARK r&d specializes in research and development by applying the latest technological trends. The team develops the web, mobile and desktop applications using the latest open-source technologies that encompass a wide range of frontend and backend solutions to various databases.

SPARK school educates future digital professionals through free-of-charge workshops in programming, mobile app development, operating system, design, data analytics, and project management.

SPARK academy is a three-month education program with a focus on IT business and management skills, turning high-quality young profiles into trained professionals ready to tackle new challenges and create innovations in the IT sector.

SPARK business supports existing companies in these services: Business Advisory and Coworking Space. Business counseling at SPARK implies helping existing companies in their business models, business development, sales engagement, legal affairs, and other areas of business that are important for the growth and development of companies.

The SPARK project team is in charge of writing project proposals and implementing all projects that SPARK and/or SPARK school are awarded. These projects cover various top-ics, such as education, mentoring, workshops, events and all other socially useful activities related to young IT enthusiasts and startups.


  • from Banja Luka, economist, a five-year experience in entrepreneurship and marketing, founder of Zdrava Logika

  • from Široki Brijeg, Master’s Degree in English and Art History, eight-year experience in digital marketing, PR, event organization, brand promotion.

  • from Mostar, Master of Business Economics (Business Informatics) and student at Faculty of Information Technology. Experience in the non-governmental sector, work with startups, project management, an organization of events and finances.

  • from Čitluk, Master of Law, with experience working on the position of lawyer trainees and legal advisor in the economic society, multi-year experience in organizing domestic and international conferences and seminars from different fields (right, debate, UN work simulations).

  • from Mostar, a bachelor of information technology, a four-year experience in recording/video editing and visual effects.

  • from Bugojno, a Master of Law with a passed bar exam. Two years of experience gained in criminal, civil, executive and other court hearings at the Municipal Court in Bugojno and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • from Ljubuski, Master of Informatics and Geography. Practical experience in higher education, sales and web sales. Experience in scientific research work and projects related to e-learning and learning analytics.

  • from Tomislavgrad, Faculty of Information Science. Long experience in startup, online sales and customer support.

  • from Banja Luka, a graduated tourism manager, a ten-year experience in analytics sales, logistics and operations, project management and event organization.

  • from Mostar, Master of Computing, ten years of programming experience. Lives and breathes web technology, loves dark beer, laughter, relaxation and traveling.

  • from Grude, practical experience in programming languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, React Native, AngularJS.

  • from Mostar, practical experience in programming languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, React Native, AngularJS.

  • from Čitluk, a student of Computing, experience in programming languages: HTML/CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, ReactJS, and React Native.

  • from Čitluk, a student of Computing, experience in graphic and UX design.

  • from Mostar, student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing, practical experience with the development of mobile apps.

  • from Bosanska Krupa. Practical experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, VueJS.

  • from Mostar, the student of the Faculty of Information Technology, practical experience in Go, PostgreSQL, and JavaScript.

  • from Zenica, a student at the Faculty of Information Technology, practical experience with Backend and mobile apps development.

  • from Mostar, a student of Computer Science, practical experience in Go.

  • from Mostar, a bachelor of business economics, a six month work experience

  • from Medjugorje, IT student, experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, VueJs

Maja Miljević

Managing Director

Nikolina Zeljko

Marketing Manager

Ivona Ćorić

Project & Budget Manager

Daniela Marić

Business Program Lead

Nikola Glibo

Marketing & Event Officer

Vedrana Visković

Legal Advisor

Matea Markić

Head of SPARK school

Iva Đikić

Startup & Entrepreneurship Program Manager

Danica Nenadić

Finance & Project Manager

Ivan Krešić

Research & Development Program Lead

Marko Mikulić

Full-Stack Developer

Marko Kožul

UI/UX Developer

Franjo Erić

Full-Stack Developer

Mate Stojić

UI/UX Developer

Ante Delić

Frontend Developer

Tarik Tuzlaković

Frontend Developer

Emil Kolar

Backend Developer

Mahir Kadić

Full-Stack Developer

Nikola Andrić

Backend Developer

Marko Marić

Junior Backend Developer

Josip Brajković

Junior Frontend Developer