Technical Support Operator

training for a technical support operator with a possibility of landing a job at NSoft

SPARK Events 2020

For 2020, we've prepared and designed various IT events, such as meetups, tech exhibitions, robotics competitions, and conferences. All SPARK events are free. Take a look at the timeline for this year at the link.

SPARK school educates future digital professionals through free-of-charge workshops in programming, operating systems, design, data analytics, and project management.

SPARK startup program educates and accelerates individuals and teams with great business ideas and take them on an exciting entrepreneurial journey.

Who we are

SPARK is an IT & business education hub dedicated to students, digital professionals, startups, and companies. We are located in Mostar, but our operations cover the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our goal is to provide high-quality education and thus enhance the competitiveness of bh. market. We do this through our four programs - SPARK school, SPARK startup, SPARK events, and SPARK projects, by organizing various workshops, academy programs, meetups, hackathons, conferences, and other community-wide events.

SPARK Talks is a series of honest personal conversations with the people behind our favorite business stories. Together, SPARK team and their guests get real about personal growth and career path and explore all the ups and downs during this way. Our speakers are popular and successful people from business and IT sectors from the region (Mostar, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Split...).

SPARK Talks exists as a resource for anyone who needs inspiration and useful information.